Mediation is about clarifying and uniting. It explores the roots of a conflict and explores the potential for shaping the future creatively.

I offer mediation to individuals, groups and institutions and am inspired and convinced by the guiding principle of mediation that “solutions that are worked towards independently are more long-lasting.”

  • I guide and structure conflict conversations with empathy and in the interests of all parties involved.

  • My professionalism is characterised by an ability to be sympathetic while maintaining a clear overview, by openness and flexibility, by the fact that I maintain a balanced relationship regarding proximity and distance to the involved parties and that in stagnant situations I have the skills to explore and “translate” to all parties what they need and where their resources lie, using constructive communication techniques.

  • Verena Ries trained with Lisa Hinrichsen and Dr. Hanna Milling at ASH Berlin in 2014/15 at ASH Berlin

  • Since February 2015, she has volunteered with ZOFF OFF, a local mediation project in Kreuzberg, Berlin.