a durational performance at Performance-Festival, "Reich und berühmt" 2003 |
Podewil, Berlin

After 6 Days Workshop with the arts collective Gob Squad, we created the TOILETFARIES on the Alexanderplatz in Berlin. The per- formance was dedicated to “Kathrin B.”, a cleaning lady and her toilet. We did research on her job and talked a lot with her. Her words “Say hello to the outside world!” made us smile and triggered the idea of the TOILETFARIES. For eight hours it was the toiletfaries job to bring her dreams and desires as well as her daily work underneath the Alexanderplatz up to the surface.

For almost ten years Gob Squad have been around making performances for a variety of places and events. The groups tendency to work in unusual sites such as car parks, houses, shops and most recently hotels is one of the defining features of Gob Squad. Working without any sort of gang leader (often referred to as an “artistic director”) is another aspect of their work. Their six day workshop during the festival brings together a diverse range of participants in order to do just this........