A participatory series of projects on local history and site-specific action

Pristina, Kosovo, 2010
Ruse, Bulgaria, 2011
HBK Braunschweig, 2013
Theater der Welt - Performing Arts Campus, Mannheim, 2014
Politik im Freien Theater, Campus, Freiburg, 2014
Kammercampus 1, Münchner Kammerspiele 2015

What happened here? What can never happen again? What must have happened here? What do you remember? What would happen if we took new pictures of the story today and returned them to places from that time? Re/en/action - repetition does not really exist. There is always a difference when something is repeated.

Re/en/action is a participatory series of projects on local history and site-specific action. A group’s living environment (city/region) is explored in a workshop that lasts several days: local events and personal stories come together on site visits and their explosive nature today is analysed. Using methods from site-specific theatre and art intervention, a plot or image is developed and re-enacted on the ground. The layers of time, facts, myths, personal and collective memory and current-day issues are worked with consciously. Each performance is captured by a photo (or a series of photos or video) that is a final, aesthetic product.

Visual and performative methods allow for intervention in historiography. The repetition and modification of the past in the present is an artistic strategy, with which we can explore the relationship between the past, present and future. The idea is to experience history and locality as an active process. We interact with the process of writing history and thus shape our own future.

Concept: Verena Ries and Janne Schäfer